Chizhou Municipal Government
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A Brief Introduction to Chizhou City...

Chizhou is a city situated in southwestern Anhui Province. Chizhou faces the Yangtze River on the north, neighbors Yellow Mountain on the south, borders Wuhu City on the east and lies to the east of Mount Lushan of Jiangxi Province. With a total area of 8,272 square kilometers and a population of 1.62 million, Chizhou governs Guichi District, Dongzhi County, Shitai County, Qingyang County, Jiangnan Industrial Development Zone, Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Area, Chizhou Municipal Economic & Technological Development Zone and Pingtian Lake Scenic Area. I. Chizhou is a city with rich history and profound cultural heritage. It has been about 1,400 years since it was established in the fourth year of Wude (a reign title) in Tang Dynasty (i.e. AD 621). Throughout history, praises were heaped on Chizhou by poets and refined scholars. Xiao Tong, the crown prince of Liang Dynasty, compiled the Zhao M...[More]